What I'm Reading: Menu Planning

Today I want to share more posts I have been reading this week.  I’ve rounded up organization posts with a focus on menu planning. I have been struggling with my goal and getting back into menu planning and I have been reviewing many posts to help with inspiration.

Unlike other posts I have read, this applies different principles to managing the home. Definitely worth reading.

This post is great for her general menu planning as well as recipes she used/referenced. A must read if you’re just starting out with menu planning.

This posts explains the basic guidelines that are most helpful when beginning (or continuing) to meal plan.

Her recipe binder is amazing! I definitely want to do this because it is so clean and easy to use. She’s kind of a genius.

I don’t know about you, but my kitchen is often a hot mess. This post offers many different options to help wrangle unnecessary mess and help you manage everything more smoothly.

Like Laura, I love magazine articles. I have collected a butt-load and basically just have random sheet protector inserts in my various binders. I love her organization system and would like to utilize this system (after I create an amazing recipe binder)!
What have you been reading this week?

2 thoughts on “What I'm Reading: Menu Planning

  1. This post found me at the right time, as I’m just trying to figure out meal planning! Thanks a lot for sharing these links, can’t wait to dive in them!! 🙂

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