Community Mental Health: The Pros and Cons

Originally, I wrote a post about Oppositional Defiant Disorder for this week but in light of my horrific day, I’ve decided to switch gears and write about what working in community mental health is like as a professional.
Community mental health is a branch of mental health at works with clients in an outpatient or community setting. This includes your standard counselors, community-based programs, psychosocial rehabilitation, in-home services, and many more. Basically, if it’s not in-patient, it’s community mental health.
Let me begin my sharing my transition of positions over time. I was initially hired at my current company to provide Mental Health Skill-Building Services. After about 3 months, I transitioned to providing Crisis Stabilization Services. Both of those positions were working directly with clients in the community and the primary support of my post today. Read more

My Least Favorite Question As A Therapist: What's Wrong With Me?

A woman sits in my office, crying, after she finishes telling me her story. She’s had a hard life full of mental health issues and substance abuse. When she finishes her story, she wipes her eyes and looks at me. Then she asks me the most dreaded question in counseling: “What’s wrong with me?”
How would you answer that question?
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