How We Handle Split Finances (Millennial Marriage #2)

My husband and I have split finances. We’ve been doing this since we started dating (despite having a joint bank account for 5 years). He watched his parents get divorced and have finances issues as a result of untangling their joint lives. I have strong ideals of being an independent woman who can make it on her own (cue Miss Independent).
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My Top 3 Homemade Household Recipes

Last week I talked about my top 5 frugal rules, including knowing when to do it yourself. Today I want to go over a few of the recipes I use around the house that lower my overall costs: laundry detergent, moisturizer, and face wash.
All 3 of these recipes can be made using essential oils, so before I go into further detail I’m to talk about where I get my essential oils (non-affiliate pitch, I promise).
I buy all of my essential oils from Edens Garden. They have quality essential oils, very affordable prices, and have the option to create your own custom sets. I have used them from the beginning I cannot imagine changing. I have used doTerra and Young Living and see no difference in the quality but a significant difference in the price. I highly recommend checking them out!
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More Struggles of the Frugal Lifestyle + Challenge

A few months ago, I wrote about the struggles of becoming newly frugal. Continuing along those lines, I’ve created a list of 4┬ámore important aspects of being frugal as well as a 31-day challenge for July!
Transitioning to an intentional frugal lifestyle can be difficult. Some days it’s fine and other days it’s exhausting. Everyone has bad days and it’s okay to need continued motivation. Here’s a list of obstacles you may struggle with in your continued frugal journey.
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