My Top 3 Homemade Household Recipes

Last week I talked about my top 5 frugal rules, including knowing when to do it yourself. Today I want to go over a few of the recipes I use around the house that lower my overall costs: laundry detergent, moisturizer, and face wash.
All 3 of these recipes can be made using essential oils, so before I go into further detail I’m to talk about where I get my essential oils (non-affiliate pitch, I promise).
I buy all of my essential oils from Edens Garden. They have quality essential oils, very affordable prices, and have the option to create your own custom sets. I have used them from the beginning I cannot imagine changing. I have used doTerra and Young Living and see no difference in the quality but a significant difference in the price. I highly recommend checking them out!
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My Top 5 Frugal Rules

Living the frugal life is not always fun and games. Most of the time, the frugal life is irritating in one way or another. But frugal people overlook the irritants in the now for the benefits in the future.
Think of it like a diet. Most of the time, you don’t start a diet thinking, realistically, that you will achieve your goal weight/shape/size overnight. Instead, you put in the work to bring about the future you want.
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Regional Yard Sale: The Good, Bad, and Ugly

Most people are familiar with the concept of a yard sale: you go through your home and collect everything you no longer want or need, then you sell it on your front lawn.
This past weekend was a well known regional yard sale in my area. It’s basically 140 miles of yard sales from Virginia to North Carolina. This was both a good thing and a bad thing, as I’ve learned. There is a higher volume of traffic but also a lot of other sales, too.
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Cutting My Own Hair: A Frugal Experiment

There are thousands of ways to save money and I’m trying to find out which ones work best for me. This week, I decided to try something incredibly daring: cutting my own hair. I’ve never talked about this before, but I am sensitive, and a little vain, when it comes to my hair. It’s my favorite part of me and I love it dearly. So this was an emotional experience for me.
I debated on cutting my own hair, taking several things into consideration:
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More Struggles of the Frugal Lifestyle + Challenge

A few months ago, I wrote about the struggles of becoming newly frugal. Continuing along those lines, I’ve created a list of 4 more important aspects of being frugal as well as a 31-day challenge for July!
Transitioning to an intentional frugal lifestyle can be difficult. Some days it’s fine and other days it’s exhausting. Everyone has bad days and it’s okay to need continued motivation. Here’s a list of obstacles you may struggle with in your continued frugal journey.
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10 Ignored Behaviors That Cost You Money

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Every day we make hundreds of decisions: what to wear, what to eat, where we go, what we do, what we buy, and more. Our learned behaviors play a large role in how we make these decisions: some we learned from family members, some we learned the hard way, and some are just how we learned to do it on our own. Some of these behaviors are alright and some are not great. Today I’m going to look into some of the behaviors I’ve seen or done and how they cost you money.
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What I've Learned from Commuting 100 Miles A Day

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If you didn’t already think I’m a super weird person, I’m about to solidify that idea for you. My husband and I both commute 100 miles per day, to and from work. Here’s a little background on my situation and our commutes:
My husband and I live in Southwestern Virginia, and we work in vastly different fields (geology & mental health). I still work at the same company that hired me right out of grad school and he works at one of the 9 district offices for the Department of Transportation. His office is 110 miles from my office, and we live in the middle. Read more

Frugal Living: Common Beginning Struggles

In today’s world, you hear a lot about frugality: frugal living, being frugal, the frugal lifestyle, and more. Being frugal is a great lifestyle to adopt. Just be aware when you’re looking to become more frugal: it requires significant behavior change.
Being able to make the changes necessary to become frugal requires some serious motivation. You’re basically deciding to re-learn between 25-75% of your current habits. That’s a pretty big undertaking and even more if you’re committed to long-term change.
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