Goal Check-In: Day 250

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Today marks the 250th day of the year! That means it’s the 250th day of my 2016 goals, including my savings challenge. I posted an update at the 50-day100-day, 150-day, and 200-day marks to help me stay accountable. I’ve made it a goal to post an update every 50 days to help hold myself accountable.
My savings have had a pretty significant change due to my decision to forego my original goal of saving $7557.95 then putting it towards my debt at the end of the year. This goal changed to paying a total of $7557.95 extra on my debts throughout the year.
Here is my 250-day savings update:
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Managing Financial Anxiety

Financial anxiety is a term used to described the overwhelming sense of panic related to money problems. Almost everyone experiences some form of financial anxiety from time to time. It takes on many different forms: an unexpected emergency, a forgotten bill auto-drafting, losing your wallet, or a reduction in hours at work.
Money makes us all crazy. So how do you deal with financial anxiety? Read more

Budgeting Do’s and Don’ts

Budgeting isn’t the most fun activity ever but it’s very important to accomplishing your financial goals. If you don’t have a budget, you’re basically shooting blindly at your future. Trust me, there are better ways to go about it.
I’ve created a list of important do’s and don’ts of budgeting to help guide you through the minefield of budgeting. Read more

My Top 5 Money Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)

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Part of being human is making and learning from mistakes. Today I’m sharing a more personal post, looking at my 5 worst money mistakes. I’ve touched on how little I learned about money from my parents and I’m going to share the hard truths I’ve had to learn for myself.
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10 Ignored Behaviors That Cost You Money

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Every day we make hundreds of decisions: what to wear, what to eat, where we go, what we do, what we buy, and more. Our learned behaviors play a large role in how we make these decisions: some we learned from family members, some we learned the hard way, and some are just how we learned to do it on our own. Some of these behaviors are alright and some are not great. Today I’m going to look into some of the behaviors I’ve seen or done and how they cost you money.
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A Peek Into My Budget: Living on 53% of My Take-Home Pay

I’ve mentioned several times before that I’m incredibly focused on paying off my debt as soon as possible. Today I want to go more into detail on what that looks like on a monthly and yearly basis. My goal in sharing this with you is to show you how I prioritize my spending.
First of all, all the numbers and percentages are based on my take home pay from my full-time job in mental health. My husband and I have separate finances and so my example will likely look differently than your situation.
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The Complete Guide to Creating A Debt Repayment Plan

Today, we’re going to be wrapping up the Debt Repayment Plan Series! We’ll be putting it all together to create our successful debt repayment plans!

If you have been following along with the Debt Repayment Series, you’ll notice a lot of today’s final post is a review of previous posts. If you would like more detailed information on a specific topic, simply click on the heading to be taken to the original post.
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4 Tips for Controlling Your Spending (DRS #5)

This is the 5th post in the Debt Repayment Plan Series! If you’re new to this series, start here.

I’ve touched on a couple different topics relating to budgeting and spending as we prepare our debt repayment plan. Today I want to go more in-depth about a specific topic: controlling your spending. Basically, don’t spend money you don’t have. This means several different things to me: don’t borrow from yourself, having or creating an emergency fund, defining emergencies, and ultimately living within your means. Read more

50-30-20 Budgeting (DRS #3)

Welcome to the third post in my Debt Repayment Series, discussing 50-30-20 budgeting! In case you missed it, I’ve previously posted about calculating a debt payoff date and why having a repayment plan is important.
Budgeting and finance tips are all over the internet. One prevalent theme I’ve seen is the 50-30-20 rule (typically listed as the 50-20-30 but I like them to be in order).
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