What I'm Reading: Life in Your Twenties

Welcome to this week’s list of articles I’m reading. Today’s list is obviously geared towards the other 20-somethings, but if that number doesn’t apply to you, you are definitely still welcome! Everything in today’s list could be beneficial to just about anyone.
This list is primarily finance-related, but there’s some other good stuff thrown in!

First of all, if you aren’t familiar with Lydia’s blog, you definitely need to be. Second, this list is something almost everyone everywhere could benefit from reading. The last one is a great habit to get in to!

While we’re on the Lydia-train, here’s another great list to review about improving your finances. I use a variation of her second way in my cash¬†envelope system.

Darrian has a really cute collection of tips to save yourself some money (which, let’s be honesty, is always a bonus). Not to mention she has some incredible insight into her own patterns and weaknesses. I love honesty!

One thing I appreciate about Rubi is her honesty. She takes a hard look at herself and opens up to share her wisdom. Definitely worth the read.

She has a pretty great list of apps. I hadn’t heard of a couple of them but I’ve downloaded a couple since reading this.

Kayla has a nifty list of ways to improve your finances and start changing your habits.

Shannah has a developed a really handy list of positive moves to make to improve your finances.
And finally: 15 Professional Habits Every 20-Something Should Have

I’m relatively early into my career, so I love to learn about ways to improve my professional habits and further myself in my career. These are 15 great tips that I have started following.

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