Friday Favorite: Brain Dump

Have you ever heard of the Brain Dump? If not, you are seriously missing out on a magical tool to reduce your level of stress and increase productivity.
I frequently have about 25+ things running through my mind at any given time: chores, things I need to do, recipes to try, things I need to buy, post ideas, things I need to get/do for the dogs, general ideas, etc.
I can’t even imagine how it is for you parents out there!

What is a Brain Dump?

In order to help me keep up with the long list of things running through my mind, I take about five minutes almost every day to literally¬†dump my brain and write down every single thing I’m thinking. Once I’ve written everything down, I immediately feel a relief from my anxiety. Looking at the list, I feel better able to handle what I need to do.
I’ve been using the Brain Dump for about three years now. Because I’ve been using it for this long, I don’t always need to do it every day (mostly because I write wicked long lists when I sit to do it).

What To Do

The Brain Dump is a super simple, highly individualized practice. While I have a few recommendations, you should do whatever works the best for you.

My Recommendations

  • Do this at night or first thing in the morning
  • Find a place to yourself
  • Find a comfortable place
  • Set a timer for about 20 minutes

Now, simply write down or type everything that comes to mind. This list does not have to be perfect. There isn’t a limit to what you can or cannot put on the list.
I’ve made lists that contain such things as “take a shower,” “brush my hair,” and “cook dinner.” Nothing is off limits.
Continue this process until you cannot think of anything else, or your timer goes off. It is important to set a limit for yourself in the beginning to keep you focused and to not become overwhelmed.
I do my brain dumps at night because I often struggle with more anxiety about needing to get things done at this time. If you have a better opportunity or are more of a morning person, I recommend doing this first thing in the morning.
And there you have it! The easy and amazing Brain Dump, completed to help you focus on what’s most important: your well-being.

What method(s) do you use to make you more productive?

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