Fighting Low Motivation for Saving Money

Sometimes it’s difficult to save money. You lose motivation, an emergency comes up, or you just have large monthly bills that impact your monthly budget. This is something I continue to struggle with daily.
I am currently working my way through my personal goals, including my savings challenge and using cash envelopes. This is a much stricter budget and system than I have previously employed however I am determined to see it through. I have set up multiple automatic withdrawals to increase my savings and tightened up several expense areas.
Cognitively, I know this will be challenging. Despite having this knowledge, I still struggle with motivation to follow through with the plan. This week I was faced with multiple bills coming out of the same check and resulting in a very small amount in my checking account for the following two weeks.

So how do you fight low motivation?

  • I remind myself of my larger goals.
  • I remind myself I can endure anything for a short period of time.
  • I remind myself I have chosen this path for a purpose.
  • I remember the financial struggles of my childhood.
  • I remind myself that I only want, not need.
  • I remind myself that my future is bright.
  • I remind myself that not following the plan only hurts me.
  • I remind myself I am new to this plan and will need to adjust.
  • I remind myself to continue to read and grow my skill set.
  • I remind myself that I am strong.

Along with these personal mantras, I reference a variety of articles and websites to educate myself about finances, tips, tricks, and other things (recipes, how-to’s, etc.). I talk to my husband about my concerns and frustrations. I take time to reflect and check in with myself. I continue to read success stories about other frugal folks and remind myself of the end goal.
How do you fight low motivation with saving?

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