Cutting My Own Hair: A Frugal Experiment

There are thousands of ways to save money and I’m trying to find out which ones work best for me. This week, I decided to try something incredibly daring: cutting my own hair. I’ve never talked about this before, but I am sensitive, and a little vain, when it comes to my hair. It’s my favorite part of me and I love it dearly. So this was an emotional experience for me.
I debated on cutting my own hair, taking several things into consideration:

  • I always get a blunt cut (straight across) so I don’t need to learn special skills or buy special tools.
  • Spending $35+ for someone else to cut my hair straight across feels excessive
  • Investing in hair shears would be great if I’m successful.
  • My husband wants me to cut his hair (which is as long as mine).
  • My biggest concern is the back of my hair being uneven.
  • The worst thing that could happen is my hair is uneven, which can be fixed.
  • You can learn anything on Youtube.

I watched several videos on how to cut your own hair. The two I found most helpful were these:


I used a combination of both of these strategies, similar to how hair stylists have cut my hair. I started by dividing like in the first video (about 1/3 in the back left down, everything else up). I split it the left and right, cutting it to my desired length (about 7 inches shorter). Then I took the rest of my hair down and split my hair to the left and right. I put the left side up and cut the right side, then I reversed it.
In retrospect, I probably should have recorded it but I’m kind of glad I didn’t. It was so hot last night I had hair sticking to everything! My neck, my face, etc., so I’m glad I don’t have that on film!
I do have photos, though!


Before Photo
Full Disclosure: This photo was taken 3 months ago because I didn’t think to actually write about it until after I was done!


After Front
I swear it’s not uneven, my head is just tilted!
After Back

What Do You Think?

I think it turned out alright. I had to make some length adjustments over time because I didn’t get them even the first time. I also don’t style my hair so I’m rocking that fresh-cut, one-side-in-one-side-out ‘do!

Have you ever cut your own hair? What’s the craziest thing you’ve done to save money?


2 thoughts on “Cutting My Own Hair: A Frugal Experiment

    1. You’re so sweet! Thank you, Danielle! I definitely felt like I was going to throw up while I was doing it but I had already started so I had to keep going! Thank you again!

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