Let's Talk About Injustice

There have been many reports throughout 2016 of horrible crimes against humanity: unnecessary deaths, racial targeting and profiling, and targeting others for their religion. This is an oversimplification of the tragedies and injustice you see in your newsfeed daily.
I will be including several videos and articles from possibly triggering tragedies and I urge you to please read with caution from here. Read more

Announcements & Freebies

Recently, I’ve been creating free extras to go with my recent posts. Instead of making you chase them all down to download them, I’ve rounded them all up in my free resource library: The Furry Finches Freesource Library!
Introducing the Freesource Library
To go along with my recent series, I’ve created a workbook to help you through the entire process of creating a successful debt repayment plan. This workbook is one of the most recent items included in the library, along with the free Debt Repayment Plan checklist.
If you’d like to read through the series after you get your workbook, you can read through the series here:

  1. What it is and why it’s important
  2. How to calculate your debt pay-off date
  3. Common budgeting techniques
  4. The best way to apply extra payments
  5. Tips for controlling spending
  6. Making better financial choices
  7. Creating strong financial goals
  8. Putting it all together

If you’d like access to these freebies, and MORE, sign up now!
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Friday Favorites: The ONE Thing

I just finished listening to The One Thing by Gary W. Keller and Jay Papasan, and I enjoyed it so much I’ve decided to make it my Friday Favorite! This is not a sponsored post and all opinions are 100% my own. I have included an affiliate link to the book on Amazon, so if you buy it through that link I might get compensated.

The One Thing by Gary W. Keller and Jay Papasan has been very inspiring, particularly related to my journey with blogging. The book inspired me to create a strong plan of action, focusing on my ultimate goal and working backwards to what I should be doing now. I am a new blogger and have struggled with feeling overwhelmed by the many, MANY things that go in to running a blog. Listening to this book helped me to calm down and whittle down to my ONE thing, focusing on my priority and working towards my ultimate goal with focus and purpose.
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What I've Learned From My First 3 Months Blogging

This has been a crazy three months. I can’t believe my first quarter blogging is almost over! It’s been a blur!
I started this blog on Valentine’s Day after about 3 months of contemplation. I originally had kind of a general idea of what I wanted to write about, like my journey towards becoming debt-free, why dogs are incredible, and information about mental health. But I wanted to feel restricted in what I wrote, so I threw myself into the lifestyle umbrella.
I came up with a weekly schedule for posting (Money, Wednesday, and Friday). I started out with some theme days: What I’m Reading Wednesday and Friday Favorites. After I got more comfortable (and switched to handwriting my posts first), I shifted to writing lengthier posts with fewer theme days.
Then I decided to do a series about the different pieces that go into creating a successful debt repayment plan. I might have done it a little early into my blog, but that’s okay. I’m trig to decide if I should turn it into an email course or a workbook. Feedback is appreciated!
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What I'm Reading: Migraines

I’ve been struggling with previous 4-5 days, experiencing a severe headache to migraine daily during that time. As a chronic migraine sufferer, I have learned a great deal about migraines over the decades I have experienced them. I have a myriad of tips and tricks to reduce pain and basically just ways to help me get through the day.
Honestly, my house and backpack look really bizarre from an outside perspective. I have this magical cooling pillow in my refrigerator, around 5 bottles of lavender essential oil (and probably 3 peppermint oils), two types of migraine meds I carry with me at all times, and more.
As I become older, I am more interested in overall prevention and in a better place to track possible triggers. I have established several of my triggers at this point (hormones, weather, and caffeine), but I am concerned about my recent increase in frequency. As a result, I’ve been looking for different information on migraine causes.
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What I'm Reading: Life in Your Twenties

Welcome to this week’s list of articles I’m reading. Today’s list is obviously geared towards the other 20-somethings, but if that number doesn’t apply to you, you are definitely still welcome! Everything in today’s list could be beneficial to just about anyone.
This list is primarily finance-related, but there’s some other good stuff thrown in! Read more

What I'm Reading: 22 Free & Fun Fonts

I’ve been on a font-kick recently. I love fonts. I’m typically rather picky about how something looks, so I prefer to type things instead of handwriting them. Not to mention I don’t like my handwriting so I enjoy the ability to make documents look handwritten without actually writing them.

I have probably close to 250+ fonts on my computer and I love having the flexibility to combine a variety of different styles together to create beautiful schedules, to-do lists, and more! Without further adieu…

Here’s a list of 22 free & fun fonts!

22 Free & Fun Fonts | FurryFinches

Attract More Women
Ballerina Script
Baxter and Layla
Beautiful Every Time
Black Jack
CK Carolyn
Coventry Garden
Champagne & Limousines
Cheveux d’ange
Dancing Script
Cul De Sac
Indie Flower
Digs My Hart
High Strung
Doodle Pen Limited
Elephant Hiccups
dirty little secrets

What is your favorite font?

What I'm Reading: Blogging

This week I’ve had a lot of struggles with increased work demands, plus attempting to connect with a local agency to provide additional therapy services to aid my process towards licensure. I’ve also been reading up a lot on how to better my blog. Obviously I’m still very new to this space, so I’m hoping I can learn a lot from those more experienced than me!
Please be aware every image is linked to the original content and should open in a new window! Read more