Friday Favorites: The ONE Thing

I just finished listening to The One Thing by Gary W. Keller and Jay Papasan, and I enjoyed it so much I’ve decided to make it my Friday Favorite! This is not a sponsored post and all opinions are 100% my own. I have included an affiliate link to the book on Amazon, so if you buy it through that link I might get compensated.

The One Thing by Gary W. Keller and Jay Papasan has been very inspiring, particularly related to my journey with blogging. The book inspired me to create a strong plan of action, focusing on my ultimate goal and working backwards to what I should be doing now. I am a new blogger and have struggled with feeling overwhelmed by the many, MANY things that go in to running a blog. Listening to this book helped me to calm down and whittle down to my ONE thing, focusing on my priority and working towards my ultimate goal with focus and purpose.
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Friday Favorites | Paper and Printable Planners

I am a journal junkie; a persistent planner; an obsessive organizer. And I love a good planner. I’ve been using a planner for the majority of my life, starting with the free planners my middle school gave out to all students. With that being said, I did not develop a strong planning skill set, or the ability to make my planner work for me, until I reached college (I got better in high school but I still had friends that reminded me when assignments were due).
College was a huge learning curve for me. During the beginning of my college career, I tried a couple different ways to keep myself organized. I also failed miserably for a while. One reason I failed was because I was trying too many things all at once. But the real reason I failed was because I tried to go digital. Now don’t get me wrong – going digital is great, for some people. I’m just not one of them. Once I figured out writing things down works best for me, I was able to make a much more effective system.
So without further ado, here’s a look into some of my favorite paper and printable planners:
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Debt Reduction Calculator | Friday Favorite

Honestly, I’m really surprised this wasn’t one of the first Friday Favorites I wrote. If you’ve read any of my debt-related posts, you’ve probably seen me pitch this Debt Reduction Calculator. Well today, I’m going to go in-depth about why I constantly recommend it. For the sake of abbreviation, I’ve going to reference it as DRC.
First of all, the DRC is freaking amazing. I use it to track my progress towards becoming debt-free. I love that I only had to enter the majority of the information once and then just update the principal balance and date.
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Friday Favorites: Boxed

For those of you that have read my previous posts about my cash envelope system, you probably noticed I love me some Boxed. And if you haven’t checked in out, you definitely should. They have some great deals on both food and home supplies.

I consistently use Boxed at least every 4-6 weeks. I buy toilet paper, chia seeds, breakfast foods, tea, peanut butter, and snacks from there. They have a great selection that keeps growing!

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Friday Favorite: Brain Dump

Have you ever heard of the Brain Dump? If not, you are seriously missing out on a magical tool to reduce your level of stress and increase productivity.
I frequently have about 25+ things running through my mind at any given time: chores, things I need to do, recipes to try, things I need to buy, post ideas, things I need to get/do for the dogs, general ideas, etc.
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What I'm Reading: 22 Free & Fun Fonts

I’ve been on a font-kick recently. I love fonts. I’m typically rather picky about how something looks, so I prefer to type things instead of handwriting them. Not to mention I don’t like my handwriting so I enjoy the ability to make documents look handwritten without actually writing them.

I have probably close to 250+ fonts on my computer and I love having the flexibility to combine a variety of different styles together to create beautiful schedules, to-do lists, and more! Without further adieu…

Here’s a list of 22 free & fun fonts!

22 Free & Fun Fonts | FurryFinches

Attract More Women
Ballerina Script
Baxter and Layla
Beautiful Every Time
Black Jack
CK Carolyn
Coventry Garden
Champagne & Limousines
Cheveux d’ange
Dancing Script
Cul De Sac
Indie Flower
Digs My Hart
High Strung
Doodle Pen Limited
Elephant Hiccups
dirty little secrets

What is your favorite font?

How to be More Productive with Hot Keys (Plus Video Tutorial)

Hot keys are keyboard shortcuts for use in a variety of computer programs, such as Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, etc.) and internet browsers. Hot keys also allow you to increase your productivity, especially on a laptop, because you aren’t constant having to navigate around your screen with your touchpad. Hot keys allow you to focus your attention entirely on the keyboard as you are writing, decreasing your multitasking and and increasing your overall focus.
While there are an incredible number of hot keys in existence, I’ve created a list of hot keys including the ones I use most frequently. I have broken the lists up by program/use, so there may be some duplicates. Read more

Friday Favorites:

I like my life to be organized. I like to be able to find things quickly, look over things quickly, and not have an overwhelming to-do list. I also like to keep my email inbox empty, especially of unread emails. I don’t know about you, but I have signed up for probably who-knows-how-many emails in the past  few years. Between blogs, stores, and social media, I’ve honestly lost track of whether I even signed up for it in the first place. Insert

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