Friday Favorites: Boxed

For those of you that have read my previous posts about my cash envelope system, you probably noticed I love me some Boxed. And if you haven’t checked in out, you definitely should. They have some great deals on both food and home supplies.

I consistently use Boxed at least every 4-6 weeks. I buy toilet paper, chia seeds, breakfast foods, tea, peanut butter, and snacks from there. They have a great selection that keeps growing!

I’m definitely a toilet paper snob. I only buy Charmin Ultra Soft. I buy this pretty exclusively from Boxed unless I find it on sale (which it currently is at Target). Boxed has it for cheaper than Walmart, Costco, Amazon, & Sam’s, so why not? And you don’t have to drive anywhere. Bonus!

Another thing I buy regularly from Boxed is Almond Milk. I recently discovered I’m lactose intolerant (long story for a different day), so I’ve switched to almond milk instead. Boxed has a 6 count box for $11! That’s less than HALF the price of a 6 count on Amazon. They do have a limit of 2 per order because of how amazing the deal is, so keep that in mind.

After discovering I’m lactose intolerant, I chose to discontinue eating cereal for breakfast every day. I switched to Muesli and it’s worked out great. I definitely feel fuller for longer (carbs, I know).

But seriously, they have great deals on cereal, too.

I also buy absurd amounts of Goldfish from there, too. They have regular and whole grain, both available in 58oz boxes.

This is just a small sample of some of the awesome things they have available on Boxed. I highly recommend at least exploring what they have to offer, if not stocking up on some frequently use items, like toilet paper, snacks, baby supplies, and vitamins/supplements.

If you choose to order with them, you can use my referral code YN12B to get a $10 discount. If you use that code, I’ll get a credit on my account after you make your purchase.

Have you ever used Boxed?

What did you think?

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