Meet The Furry Finches

Hello there! My name is Michelle: therapist-in-training by day, blogger by night. I’ve created Furry Finches to share my experiences of being a mid-20’s debt-free hopeful as well as provide accurate information about mental health.
Michelle at Furry Finches
My personal goals are:

  • To become debt-free & financially free
  • Improve my home and life organization skills
  • Build my own home
  • Educate people about mental health
  • One day have a family

Until then, I’m paying down my debt and trying to make it until my next payday. I work in mental health so it’ll probably take a while!

My family currently consists of my delightful husband, our magical rescue dog, Scout, and our precious baby beagle, Atticus. I named by blog after my beautiful puppies because they are both named after To Kill A Mockingbird characters (my favorite book).
love being a #dogmom.
We live in a teeny, tiny starter home (~790 sq. ft.). It’s a little cramped but I believe it’s teaching us both valuable lessons in both togetherness and minimalism. Since we moved into our home, we have eliminated a bunch of “stuff” and we don’t even miss it.
Here are some key things I feel you should know about me:

  • I work full-time in the mental health field and I love my work
  • I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder
  • My mother has Borderline Personality Disorder
  • I love my dogs fiercely
  • I keep baby pictures of Atticus’s puppyhood
  • I frequently annoy my coworkers by sharing too many photos of my dogs
  • I enjoy using hashtags in both written and verbal communication satirically
  • I use too many parentheses when writing (and I’m trying to cut it out)
  • I enjoy making others laugh
  • I watch too much TV (Futurama, Bob’s Burgers, Archer, The Mindy Project, New Girl, etc.)
  • I am passionate about saving money and paying down my debt
  • An unorganized area gives me anxiety. Serious, serious anxiety.
  • I love to try to make things myself (detergent, soap, deodorant, lip balm, food, etc.)
  • I love receiving advice, tips, and tricks from others
  • I do not keep up with the Kardashians or the Joneses
  • I enjoy connecting with new people and would love to hear from you!

I really hope you stick around and find something helpful!