About Atticus

This is baby Atticus (we call her Addie for short). She is a Beagle (supposedly purebred but whatever).
She thinks she’s a princess and my husband treats her like one.
Addie was born April 13th, 2014.She’s still a feisty little puppy in many ways.  I bought her (please don’t shoot me) when we were looking at second dogs to help socialize Scout. I bought her when she was about 12 weeks old and she fit in one hand! She was so tiny!
Scout was a little skeptical of her at first but she grew on him. They soon became incredibly close.
She was truly amazing in helping Scout to grow. Because Addie has been surrounded by human’s for her entire life, she has never been scared or anxious to approach anyone. She has taught Scout so much throughout their time together. Sometimes they fight…
But typically they love each other…
We quickly realized that this girl can eat! Because of this, we have keep her on a diet and feed her twice daily because if we leave food out she will gorge herself (think Kale Chips).
I appreciate being able to watch Addie grow up. Almost everything we were missing with Scout we got with Addie. We know her history. We have memories of her formative years. We know training techniques that have been used. We know how she will respond to a new situation.
We got to share in so many learning experiences, such as proper house-training, interacting with Beagles, and very sharp puppy teeth. Addie has always had a ferocity to her, though this stems from the fact that she’s a Beagle (hunting dog). When she was 4 months old, she caught (and killed) a bird. She also loves to dig.
As she grew older, we started to notice two distinct personalities with her. We have named them “Bigtime” and “Smalltime.” Bigtime is Addie’s crazed, hyperactive personality where she wants to play, destroy, and frolic. Smalltime is cuddly, sweet Addie. Often there is napping in between these phases.
She is an interesting dog. She has many different qualities of other species. I often refer to her as a “catdoglizpig.” She has a very catty personality, often switching between “I love you” and “I hate you.” She is obviously a dog, particularly when she is outside digging and fetching. She loves to sleep in the sun and absorb the heat from the light. And she cannot control her eating like a pig.
She has been an incredible addition to our family and I love watching her continue to grow and explore. She’s amazing!

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