Goal Check-In: Day 100

Today marks the 100th day of the year! That means its the 100th day of my 2016 goals, including my savings challenge. I posted an update at the 50 day mark to help me stay accountable. Previously, I probably would have bailed on my goals at this time in the year. I’ve made it a goal to post an update every 50 days to help hold myself accountable. Here is my 100 day savings update:
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Friday Favorite: Brain Dump

Have you ever heard of the Brain Dump? If not, you are seriously missing out on a magical tool to reduce your level of stress and increase productivity.
I frequently have about 25+ things running through my mind at any given time: chores, things I need to do, recipes to try, things I need to buy, post ideas, things I need to get/do for the dogs, general ideas, etc.
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Frugal Living: Common Beginning Struggles

In today’s world, you hear a lot about frugality: frugal living, being frugal, the frugal lifestyle, and more. Being frugal is a great lifestyle to adopt. Just be aware when you’re looking to become more frugal: it requires significant behavior change.
Being able to make the changes necessary to become frugal requires some serious motivation. You’re basically deciding to re-learn between 25-75% of your current habits. That’s a pretty big undertaking and even more if you’re committed to long-term change.
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